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Residential Solar



Solar energy is a green, healthy resource which is being widely utilized nowadays. Whether it’s on a building for a home office or a residential house, solar panels are popping up everywhere.

The solar panel is becoming quite a popular choice among home owners nowadays, with home solar panels being widely installed to ‘go green’ or to make an energy efficient house.

What Are Home Solar Panels?

When you’re looking to tap into an alternate source of energy, other than getting wind turbines, solar panels are the way to go. Home solar panels are becoming a quite popular option among discerning home owners who are looking to streamline their resources and to reduce their carbon footprint. With the help of home solar panels, all this and more becomes possible.

Installed on the roof of the house, home solar panels are becoming more readily considered by home owners owing to the fact that newer and more diverse solar panels are now available. This allows one the freedom to pick and install home solar panels and allows home owners to keep their homes looking aesthetically pleasing.

Home solar Panels

I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.

Thomas Edison Scientist

Why Get Home Solar Panels?

An energy efficient household requires the careful utilization of all resources in such a manner as to make the structure sustainable on its own. With the help of home solar panels, home owners everywhere are provided with an alternate means of energy which is clean, renewable and largely inexpensive.

  • A Solid Investment: One way to look at getting home solar panels positively is by considering it an investment in your future. Although you won’t be feeling the benefits immediately, getting home solar panels installed will definitely make an impact on your household.
  • Independence: If you have a home office that consumes large amounts of energy, you might get frustrated with the large bills you’re getting or how your business productivity might suffer owing to power outages and fluctuations. For such scenarios, getting home solar panels is the best option to look into. With the sun being responsible for producing energy, you’ll realize that you no longer have to be solely reliant on electricity. Even if a power outage does occur, you can easily work on a backup system with the help of your home solar panels.
  • Safe and Healthy Energy: The best thing about using solar energy is that the energy is pure, clean and silent as well as lacking any emissions to worry about. This means that getting home solar panels installed will not have any negative impacts on you or your family’s health, making it a safe option to look into if you’re thinking of getting an alternative source of energy.

Things to Consider When Getting Home Solar Panels

While it sounds easy to get home solar panels installed, you might realize that it’s not all a walk in the park. Not all houses and roof designs can support solar panels so there are a few points that you must look into before you know if your house can get fitted with home solar panels or not.

  • Location: Regardless of the climate of the area you live in, you are going to want to place the home solar panels in an area where they receive the maximum amount of sunlight. While solar panels are capable of producing a small amount of energy, even on cloudy days, it would be a little futile to place your home solar panels in a place where the sun doesn’t shine for more than a few hours, even on sunny days.
  • Size of the Roof: The size of your home solar panels system will largely be dependent on the area and size of the roof. The larger the roof of your house is, the larger the home solar panels you can get installed.
  • Condition of the Roof: Your roof may have to be prepped before home solar panels can be installed and become functional. While this step may not be necessary if your roof is kept in good repair, the same can’t be said if you have neglected it. You may have to get the roof fixed if it is in a state of disrepair or suffering from weather damage before you get the solar panels installed. This ensures that your home solar panels system is affixed on a strong and sturdy base.
  • Maintenance: Having a home solar panels system grants you control over your own source of energy; therefore, you’ll have to look after its maintenance too. While not requiring extensive attention, you will have to clean your home solar panels from time to time to ensure that they are free of dirt, grime and other substances that could hamper the production of energy.
  • Consumption of Energy: While solar panels are completely capable of producing constant energy and replenishing your supply as you go, you will still find that it would be much more beneficial and energy efficient to pick a home solar panels system that is in accordance with the rate at which energy is consumed by you. If you have small panels, you might find that you’ll need to give the solar panels some time to recharge your energy supply. On the other hand, if your solar panels are too large, you might end up with a surplus of energy and no way to consume it.

DIY or Consult the Professionals?

If you’re used to doing construction and architecture work, then this might be an easy enough decision to make. On the other hand, are you really willing to risk tinkering around with expensive, sensitive and delicate materials on your roof?

On the contrary, if you choose to consult the professionals, you’ll be able to get a quote on the price, find out the watt per price value of your chosen home solar panels system, explore other solar panel options and enjoy expert advice on getting the perfect home solar panels that meet your consumption needs.

While it is possible for you to do your own research by getting the help of professionals, you’ll be able to minimize common errors and blunders which could end up hampering your solar panel’s productivity.

If you’ve made your mind to use a professional, you’ll have to get your hands on a good one like Sharp Solar Australia. Known in the market for offering the best deals in town, Sharp Solar Australia can answer all your solar power related needs whether you’re looking for high quality products at pocket friendly prices or just want some advice.

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With the simple technology of solar panels on your roof, the sun can power your home with electricity. Let’s make this happen for you.